Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

9:00 – 2:00 PM

O’Donnell Hall, NMSU

1220 Stewart St. Las Cruces, NM 88003


     The STEM Outreach Center at New Mexico State University and the Physical Science Laboratory will be celebrating the many innovations in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics on March 23, 2019 at O’Donnell Hall on the NMSU campus.  Join us for a full day of great STEM-based hands-on activities for the whole family.  Activities include many fun ways to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math!

25 engaging interactive booths for children (K-12) and adults!


First 400 families to return their passports with 12 stamps will receive a family fun pack bag filled with STEM activities for the whole family!


Food Trucks available outside O’Donnell Hall!


Booths will be set up with activities that cover STEM including a Planetarium, 3D printing, and virtual reality with Oculus Rift,

robotics, reading and literacy, math exploration, and fun with science


Guest Speaker – Henry Cathey, NMSU Physical Science Laboratory O’Donnell Hall 111
Join Henry Cathey of the NMSU Physical Science Laboratory as he discusses the wonders of STEM through his many years of experience as an engineer.  Which Shoes Will You Wear?

Mr. Cathey will speak at 11:00am and 1:00pm.


UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) Flight Demonstration

NMSU Physical Science Laboratory

Intermural Field
The NMSU Physical Science Laboratory, a key group doing UAS research for the Federal Aviation Administration will showcase UAS flight demonstrations using a small Quad Copter and a small fixed wing plane.  Weather permitting.

The flight demonstrations will follow Mr. Cathey’s talks at 11:30am and 1:30pm.


STEM Outreach Center’s Planetarium Rentfrow Gym
Presenter: Pat McCord
A short video presentation will be showcased in the planetarium every 40 minutes!


Math Snacks O’Donnell Hall 041
Mathematically Connected Communities
Families will learn all about the Math Snacks online games made available through NMSU’s Mathematically Connected Communities and the Learning Games Lab.


SEMAA ES – How Do You Hear the Wind? O’Donnell Hall 046
Christian Guerrero – Riverside Elementary School
Learn how to make a musical instrument while learning about wind energy!


Walk to the Beat O’Donnell Hall 046
Abraham Uribe – Desert Trail Elementary School
Learn about beat, timing, and move in step together!


What Can You See with Digital Micorscopes? O’Donnell Hall 033
Maria Gamon – Vado Elementary School
Did you know that Abraham Lincoln is on the penny two times?  Learn how things look under a digital microscope and see a new world that is hidden to the naked eye!


Makey Makey O’Donnell Hall 033
Laurel Cutting – Columbia Elementary School
Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st Century.  Makey Makey’s allow you to build your own computer game controller, make an edible soundboard, and create musical paintings and more! 


Ozobots and Spheros – Robotics for the Family! O’Donnell Hall 104
Presenters: Daniel and Lisa Paz
Challenge yourself to complete several fun design challenges with great devices that are engaging and unique in providing hands-on learning through electronic tools. Color code a robotic track and program a robot.


Energy In – Energy Out: Bike Smoothies are What it’s All About! O’Donnell Hall 127
Liz Anichini and Cat Gannascoli – La Semilla Food Center
In order to maintain a healthy lifestyle, it’s important to be mindful of the amount of calories in the foods we consume and include enough movement throughout the day to burn off those calories. How long will you need to bike to burn calories?


Weather Wise! O’Donnell Hall 127
Dr. Dave Dubois – State Climatologist, NMSU Plant and Environmental Science
Join NM’s very own Climatologist and learn how precipitation is measured through fun, hands-on activities!


Readers Theater Fun with the Family! O’Donnell Hall 130
Elsa Nunez – Sunrise ES, Melissa Hunt – Tombaugh ES
This booth will have a fun activity for the whole family that is centered on literacy, role playing, and hands-on crafts.  Get ready to read and perform!


DiMA – 3Doodler – Draw in 3D! O’Donnell Hall 130
Suzanne Gibson – Anthony, ES, Tawnya Sanchez – Sunrise ES
3D printing at your fingertips!  Visit this booth to draw in 3D, and learn about hand-held 3D printing pens.


COUNT – Shrinky Dinks O’Donnell Hall 133
Sylvia Ramirez – Riverside ES and Dianne Wensel – Sunrise ES
Learn mathematical concepts such as area, proportions, and measurements while creating something unique!


SEMAA – Foamie Flyers O’Donnell Hall 133
Robert Gallegos –  Vista Middle School
Learn about the principals of flying such and aircraft design as your family create and test flyers together.


Flight Simulation Lab OH – TECH Center
Gordon Strawn, Mario Garcia and Levon Church – STEM Outreach Center Program Coordinator
Try your hand at flying all types of aircraft at the NMSU TECH Center – the only state-of-the-art flight simulation lab in the country at a higher education institution.


Oculus Rift – Virtual Reality OH – TECH Center
Stella Otoo – STEM Outreach Center
Have you ever ridden in a spaceship, tried your hand at skydiving, or dove deep underwater to explore unknown depths?  With cutting edge technology, like the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset, you can!  Stop by for an experience you’ll not soon forget!


Arrowhead Center – Innoventure Jr. O’Donnell Hall 227
Amanda Bradford – Innoventure Program Director
Innoventure fosters the spirit of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship in NM by providing new generations of innovators with skills in technical design and business savvy.  What will you come up with?


Innoventure – Engineering Design Challenge O’Donnell Hall 227
Bobbi-Lynn Pacheco – Tombaugh Elementary School
After you’ve decided on an invention while at the Innoventure booth, it’s time to build your prototype using the Engineering Design Process just like scientists and engineers use!


Fairy Tale Engineering O’Donnell Hall 232
Nicole Alaniz – Monte Vista Elementary School
How would you fix the problems in your favorite fairy tales?  Read a classic story and build a solution for your favorite characters!


Rube Goldberg Design O’Donnell Hall 232
Arcelia Guillermo Rios – Riverside Elementary School
Ever wanted to build a machine that fixes a problem in your daily life?  Join us and learn how simple machines can be put together to make more complicated ones that have the potential to solve all types of problems!


Exploding Sandwich Baggies! O’Donnell Hall 233
Javier Montejano – Crossroads Middle School
Families will be able to create an exploding sandwich baggy by mixing warm water, baking soda, and vinegar in a plastic bag.  Chemical reactions are a blast!


Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, and Radiation O’Donnell Hall 233
Valerie Concha and Samantha Cortez – Vado Elementary School
What’s the best way to pop popcorn?  Conduction, convection or radiation?  Join us and learn together!


Static Levitation O’Donnell Hall 242
Jessica Luna – Loma Linda Elementary School
We will make an object appear to float using static electricity.  When two different materials rub against each other, they become electrically charged – one becomes positive, and the other becomes negative. Join us to see this scientific phenomena in action.


Bridges and Boat Floats: The Weight is Over O’Donnell Hall 242
Samuel Stichter – Hillrise Elementary School
Families will be asked to make two things: a bridge and a boat. For both the bridges and the boats, participants will be asked to keep adding small weights (washers) until the bridge collapses and the boat sinks.


Astronaut Photo Booth O’Donnell Hall 248
Joanne Munoz – Sunrise ES, Ana Rico – Riverside ES
Take a picture in our Astronaut! We will print it out as a keepsake!


Anatomy in Clay O’Donnell Hall 251
Cassie Hackey – Hatch Valley High School
Learn about the different body systems by building them with clay!


Fun with Physics! O’Donnell Hall 252
Dr. Jacob Urquidi – NMSU Physics Department
Join this session to learn and do fascinating physics!


Oobleck – Liquid or Solid? O’Donnell Hall 252
NMSU College of Engineering
Is Oobleck a solid or a liquid?  Join us while we play and learn about this non-newtonian fluid!


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