The first Southern New Mexico STEM Fest, in April 2105, opened the door of STEM to more than 1,600 community members of all ages!

“The goal of the STEM Fest was to promote and celebrate STEM as a community,” said Nicole Delgado, assistant director of STEM outreach programs at New Mexico State University. “The areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics play a critical role in our everyday lives but more importantly, they encourage discovery.” Delgado also said, “These subjects have the potential to spark curiosity and inquiry if done in an engaging way. The STEM Outreach Center wants to involve the public and showcase the many wonderful things that are happening in our community with regard to STEM through community outreach events such as the STEM Fest.”

There were over 30 STEM booths at the STEM Fest that showcased afterschool programs and community activities facilitated through STEM Outreach Center at NMSU; classroom activities that highlight the successes of STEM education led by teachers within LCPS and GISD; NMSU departments and partners highlighting STEM as a college and career pathway; community organizations that encourage conservation and awareness of the region’s natural resources; and emergency response personnel that taught the public about safety.


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