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Many students may not realize math is everywhere and in everything we do. So, instead of seeing math as a set of numbers, computation, and procedures to preform, let’s begin to look at our world through the lens of mathematics and to recognize and celebrate how mathematics abound in our world. Let’s not just teach math content, but instill in our students a love and passion for the magic and multitude of mathematics in our world. Art serves as a perfect lens to see the beauty and abundance of mathematics! Therefore, this class is as much about art as it is math. Let us capture the magic, color, and wonder of art while discovering, discussing, and applying mathematical concepts.

Schools Served

District School Grades
LCPS Alameda K – 5th
LCPS Booker T. Washington K – 5th
GISD Anthony K – 6th
GISD Riverside K – 6th

COUNT improves students’ skills, confidence, and interest in math. This program helps students “find the math” in everyday experiences, with the goal of making it less intimidating and creating awareness about the importance of math skills.

An example of a COUNT lesson is our Math + Art curriculum in which students explore the many ways art and math interconnect. For example, one lesson plan was about the artist Christo (famous for The Gates in New York City’s Central Park). Not only did students learn geography (where the artist is from and about the language he speaks), but to simulate his sculpture method, they used wrapping tape to create body casts and design “sculpture” around them, necessitating the use of formulas for volume, surface areas, and weight. In this way, students have fun and use math as they explore the world of artists and create their very own masterpiece in the spirit of the artist under study. The mathematics embedded in the art comes to life for the children as they discover, discuss, explore, and experience how math is used to create that art.

The goal of COUNT is to have a positive impact on students’ skills, confidence, and interest in math. Children are natural mathematicians. From the first time they count using their fingers and toes or look at the shapes of blocks, to the time they save up their money, make a purchase, or follow the stats of games and athletes. Math is about everyday experiences. 

COUNT is designed to help students find the math in everyday experiences and create awareness about the importance of math skills for future educational choices and career options through thematic units.










In the Math + Art theme, students will explore the many ways in which art and math interconnect. Therefore, this unit is as much about art as it is math. Students will have fun as they explore various artists and create their very own masterpiece in the spirit of the artist. Then, the mathematics embedded in the art will come to life for your child when they don their math goggles to see, discuss, explore, and experience the mathematics in their masterpieces.
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