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The SEMAA program focuses on teaching students science, engineering, mathematics and aeronautics in a setting where students can make connections to real-world application and improving their environments. Students participate in hands-on STEM-based activities that encourage them to find an interest in science and mathematics while learning about the world they live in. Key topics include gardening, recycling, wind power, and the water cycle. 

Components of SEMAA

  • Academic Aspect
  • Laboratory Projects
  • Family Festivals


  • To improve student achievement and increase participation in STEM
  • To facilitate successful transition of students from high school to post-secondary programs in STEM fields
  • To mentor students’ STEM learning with professional helps
  • To engage parents in children’s academic learning in a non-threatening and respectful way
  • To support students with field trip that allows them to experience state of art, technology and engineering and science wonders
  • To offer academic enrichment and career awareness
  • To provide professional development for teachers in STEM field

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