Noyce Scholars

In order to help meet the demand for fully qualified mathematics and science teachers in New Mexico, our STAND-NM (Science Teachers Acquired Through New Directions in New Mexico),  facilitated by the NMSU STEM Outreach Center implements a new specialized pathway to secondary science teaching license for science majors. Research documents that the more content the teacher has the more the students in the classroom learn.  Therefore, STAND-NM recruits science majors to earn a teaching license and commit to teaching in low income schools in New Mexico.

The goals include:

  1. Recruiting future science teachers into the profession and improving the preparation of these teachers.
  2. Providing for collaboration and involvement of science and education faculty invested in the success of their students.
  3. Providing professional development and science-specific induction support
  4. Improving the pedagogical content knowledge of secondary science teachers graduating from NMSU

In addition, to participating in the STAND-NM program that emphasize strong content and pedagogical content knowledge, early field experiences, intensive student teaching, and induction mentorship, the Noyce Scholars also participate in either the Science, Engineering, Math and Aerospace Academy (SEMAA) or in lesson study groups at local schools. They also attend STEM conferences and have a NOYCE study room in the College of Education.

Our overall goal includes helping minority students from throughout the state of New Mexico to realize their dreams of becoming successful math and/or science teachers. It will further enhance the collaboration that has been established by the College of Education, the College of Arts and Science, and local school districts.



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