Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEMAA?
Semaa is an after school program designed to teach aeronautics and aviation . While enrolled in SEMAA, students will get to perform hands-on science activities such as model rocket building, balloon design, solar system science, and microgravity experiments. Students learn while doing. This program meets once a week after school for seven weeks with instructors from their own school. Students will get to visit the Aerospace Education Lab (AEL) at NMSU twice during the program. During the last week an award ceremony is held for all participants and their SEMAA teachers.

Who can join?

Any student who is currently enrolled in kinder through high school can join.

Are grades a requirement for acceptance?

Grades are important, but they are not a requirement for the program.

Does it cost anything?

No. The SEMAA program is free to all students enrolled in it.

How does one apply?
You can receive an application from SEMAA teachers at your local school. The SEMAA teachers will notify all students of the application deadlines and the day of the week in which the program will be held.

If someone was in SEMAA before, do they need to reapply?

Yes; it is important for SEMAA to keep updated records of all students. Parents also need to be aware their children will be participating in the program again.

When and where are the SEMAA classes?
The SEMAA classes are held at each school after school on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, though the specific day will be determined by the SEMAA teacher.

SEMAA teachers will notify parents by letter or phone to let students know when they should meet. Students should also listen for any announcements given by the school or teachers.

When will the students visit the Aerospace Education Lab at NMSU?
For our program, sixth graders visit the lab once during their eight week session. All students, seventh grade and up, visit the AEL twice. The teachers will sign up for AEL at the beginning of the session. Students must have permission slips in order to attend.


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