About Us

Southern New Mexico Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academies (SNM SEMAA)

“To inspire the next generation of explorers… as only NASA can!” We are a NASA sponsored organization focusing on elementary, middle and high schools in southern New Mexico that primarily serve underrepresented students in the science, math and engineering fields. The goals of SNM SEMAA are to:

  1. Encourage normally underrepresented students in grades K-12 into the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, aerospace and technology (SEMAT);
  2. Engage students in inquiry-based learning, research, use of advanced technologies, peer support groups, and mentoring relationships with professionals in the SEMAT fields;
  3. Facilitate the successful transition of students from high school to post-secondary programs in the SEMAT fields;
  4. Develop partnerships with parents;
  5. Provide opportunities for pre-service teachers to work with local schools and communities and to assist in-service teachers with implementing curriculum.

Southern New Mexico SEMAA consists of a combination of school-based curriculum enhancements, university organized enrichment activities, and parent outreach. Each component is designed to work seamlessly with the others as a comprehensive program to improve student achievement and increase participation in science, mathematics, engineering and technology.

The major components of the project are as follows:

  • Strengthen the K-12 math and science curriculum in southern New Mexico school districts to align with state standards and build interest in the SEMAT fields;
  • Provide academic enrichment and career awareness for K-12 students and develop student interest and success in higher education SEMAT fields through summer, Saturday, and after school aerospace academies and college experience programs;
  • Support student field trips that allow them to experiences state of the art technology and engineering and science wonders;
  • Engage parents in their children’s academic learning and assist with developing pathways for student participation in higher education.

Southern New Mexico SEMAA seeks community partners to serve as student mentors, assist with parent outreach and student recruitment, and sponsor student activities.


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