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The Digital Media Academy is an after school program for both elementary and middle school students of the Gadsden Independent School District (GISD) and Las Cruces Public Schools. DiMA is dedicated to fostering digital literacy by providing hands-on training in digital media, educational technology, science, film and multimedia, safe navigation of social networking and internet websites, and many more fun activities that combine learning and technology. The overarching theme of DiMA is learning scientific, historical, mathematical content through inquiry and project based investigations using innovative technology to gather and analyze data as well as document their findings.


Schools Served

District School Grades
LCPS Cesar Chavez K – 2nd
LCPS Lynn 6th – 8th
LCPS Sunrise 3rd – 5th
GISD Sunrise K – 6th


The vision of DiMA is to provide students in the 21st Century Community Learning Centers opportunities to develop

strong science, mathematics, and language arts knowledge and skills using technology as a tool for learning and communication in order to prepare the students for a successful career in the 21st century.


  1. Provide access to educational technology, film equipment, and software that will enhance students’ understanding of how to use the technology responsibly and effectively;
  2. Encourage students to make connections between technology and science, and their everyday lives within their communities through rigorous curriculum that complies with GISD, LCPS and NM standards and benchmarks;
  3. Challenge students to incorporate their peers, schools, and communities in projects that explore their multi-faceted and multicultural lives in the borderland.



21st CCLC Afterschool Programs in Gadsden Independent School District and the Las Cruces Public Schools is currently offering DiMA to all 4th – 8th grade students that attend the following schools:GISD – 21st Community Learning Centers

The Fall 2016 semester 21st CCLC sites will explore architecture, structural engineering, urban planning, and 3D modeling through various types of digital media, internet research, technology, visual arts, and hands-on activities.  Students will also explore topics in social studies, geography, mathematics, marketing, language arts, and graphic design.


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