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Items Available for Checkout at SC(2) Resource Closet. Item quantities updated 2/15/18. Supplies and quantities may vary. Please add any questions in request form.

A   M
4D Animal Cell (6)   Magnifiers (assorted)
Aircraft Engineer (6)    
All About Animals Photo Library (10)   Makey Makey
Altitude Finder   Measuring Cylinder
Animal Track Kit (2)   Molecule Beads
B   Molymod
    Motoraux VR Goggles 
C   Movies
Centrifuge Tubes   N
Chem C500    
Chemical Reactions Lab   O
Circuit Maze (1)   Ozobots (20)
Code & Go Robot Mouse   P
Color Panels   Pandemic (2)
Cool Circuits (15)   Parrot Jumping Sumo Drones (8)
Copper Tape   Physics kit, Turbulent Times
D   Q
Density Cubes    
Digital Microscope with CD (20+)   R
Dinosaur Clever Ball Q&A   Rectangular Wooden pieces
Dinosaur Exploration Kit (7)   River Stones
Discovering Stem: Cams & Cranks (10)   Robotic Arm Edge (2)
Discovering Stem: Levers, linkages, &   Structures (9)   Robotikits
Discovering Stem: Newton’s Law (8)   Rock Study Kit
Discovering Stem: Simple Machines (7)   S
Discovering Stem: Structures (9)   Science Mineral Kit
Discovering Stem: Wheels, Axles, &   Inclined  Planes (9)   Scribbler 3D Pens and Filament (20+)
E   Secchi Disc
Electrical Supply Kit   Slides for Digital Microscope
Erector (9)   Slides with specimen
F   Smart Circuits (10)
Film Canister   Smithsonian Jet Works (3)
Fossil Fragment Collection   Snap Circuits (15)
G   Solar Cooking Science (6)
Geckobots (9)   Solar Power (4)
Genetics & DNA (4)   Sound Amplifiers
Geolab Curriculum   Spark Fun Development Board
Geometry Compass   Squishy Circuit (10)
Geosolids   Sustainable Earth Lab Kit
Glass Beakers   T
Glass Eye Droppers   The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements (5)
GPS   The Photographic Card Deck of the Solar System (5)
Granulated Cylinders   Touch and See Squares
Gravity Maze (1)   Tree Ring samples
Gyrobots (3)   Tuning Forks
H   U
Hot Dots (3)   Uno
How a food web is organized Kit/lab   V
Human Anatomy   View Master VR Game: Destinations (5)
Hummingbird Robotics   View Master VR Game: Space (5)
Hydropower   View Master VR Game: Underwater (5)
I   View Master VR Game: Wildlife (5)
Illuminated Microscope   View Master VR Goggles (5)
Iron Metal Filings   Virtual Reality Start Merge (8)
Jenga (1)   Volt Meters
Jenga (1)   W
K   Water Monitoring Kit
    What is an Epidemic, How does an infection spread? kit (3)
L   WindMill kit
Laser Pegs 12-in-1 (5)   Workout DVD(s)
Laser Pegs 4-in-1 (4)   X
Laser Pegs 8-in-1 (8)    
Learnercise Clock Mats (20+)   Y
Learnercise Phone Mats (20+)    
Lego Chain Reactions (11)   Z
Light to Model Sun and Atmosphere    

Educational Movies Available for Check Out

  • AIDS, Evolution of an Epidemic
  • Beyond the Solar System (Expanding the Universe in the Classroom)
  • Bones, Stones & Genes (The Origin of the Modern Humans)
  • Evolution (Constant Change and Common Threads)
  • Evolution (Fossils, Genes & Mousetraps)
  • Exploring Biodiversity (The Search for New Medicine)
  • Learning from Patients (The Science of Medicine)
  • Potent Biology (Stem cells, Cloning & Regeneration)
  • Scanning Life’s Matrix (Genes, Proteins & Small Molecules)
  • The Day the Mesozoic Died
  • The Double Life of RNA
  • The Making of the Fittest (Vol. 1 & 2)
  • The Science of FAT
  • Viral Outbreak (The Science of Emerging Disease)



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