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Items Available for Checkout at SC(2) Resource Closet. Item quantities updated 2/15/18. Supplies and quantities may vary. Please add any questions in request form.

      A       F       M       T
 4D Animal Cell (6) Film Canister Magnifiers (assorted) Tree Ring samples
 All About Animals Photo Library (10) Fossil Fragment Collection Makey Makey Tuning Forks
 Altitude Finder       G Measuring Cylinder The Photographic Card Deck of the Elements (5)
  Genetics & DNA (4)    
 Animal Track Kit (2)   Movies Touch and See Squares
  Geometry Compass    
 Aircraft Engineer (6)   Molecule Beads  
  Geosolids         U
    Molymod  Uno
      C Glass Beakers    
 Chem C500   Motoraux VR Goggles   
  Glass Eye Droppers         V
 Centrifuge Tubes     Volt Meters
  GPS       O  
 Chemical Reactions Lab   Ozobots (20) View Master VR Goggles (5)
  Granulated Cylinders    
 Color Panels     View Master VR Game: Space (5)
  Geolab Curriculum        P  
 Copper Tape   The Photographic Card Deck of the Solar System (5) View Master VR Game: Underwater (5)
  Gravity Maze (1)    
 Code & Go Robot Mouse   Physics kit, Turbulent Times View Master VR Game: Destinations (5)
  Geckobots (9)    
 Circuit Maze (1)   Pandemic (2) View Master VR Game: Wildlife (5)
 Cool Circuits (15) Gyrobots (3) Parrot Jumping Sumo Drones (8)  
      Virtual Reality Start Merge (8)
       D         R  
        H Rectangular Wooden pieces  
 Density Cubes Hot Dots (3)          W
    Rock Study Kit WindMill kit
 Dinosaur Clever Ball Q&A How a food web is organized Kit/lab    
    River Stones What is an Epidemic, How does an infection spread? kit (3)
 Dinosaur Exploration Kit (7) Human Anatomy    
    Robotikits Workout DVD(s)
Digital Microscope with CD (20+) Hummingbird Robotics    
    Robotic Arm Edge (2) Water Monitoring Kit
Discovering Stem: Simple Machines (7) Hydropower    
Discovering Stem: Wheels, Axles, &   Inclined  Planes (9)         S  
         I Science Mineral Kit  
 Discovering Stem: Newton’s Law (8) Illuminated Microscope    
    Secchi Disc  
 Discovering Stem: Cams & Cranks (10) Iron Metal Filings    
    Slides for Digital Microscope  
        J Slides with specimen  
 Discovering Stem: Structures (9) Jenga (1)    
    Smithsonian Jet Works (3)  
 Discovering Stem: Levers, linkages, &   Structures (9)      
         L Sound Amplifiers  
  Light to Model Sun and Atmosphere    
    Solar Cooking Science (6)  
 Electrical Supply Kit LittleBits    
    Snap Circuits (15)  
 Erector (9) Learnercise Phone Mats (20+)    
    Spark Fun Development Board  
  Learnercise Clock Mats (20+)    
    Smart Circuits (10)  
  Lego Chain Reactions (11)    
    Solar Power (4)  
  Laser Pegs 12-in-1 (5)    
    Squishy Circuit (10)  
  Laser Pegs 8-in-1 (8)    
    Sustainable Earth Lab Kit  
  Laser Pegs 4-in-1 (4)    
    Scribbler 3D Pens and Filament (20+)  

Educational Movies Available for Check Out

  • AIDS, Evolution of an Epidemic
  • Beyond the Solar System (Expanding the Universe in the Classroom)
  • Bones, Stones & Genes (The Origin of the Modern Humans)
  • Evolution (Constant Change and Common Threads)
  • Evolution (Fossils, Genes & Mousetraps)
  • Exploring Biodiversity (The Search for New Medicine)
  • Learning from Patients (The Science of Medicine)
  • Potent Biology (Stem cells, Cloning & Regeneration)
  • Scanning Life’s Matrix (Genes, Proteins & Small Molecules)
  • The Day the Mesozoic Died
  • The Double Life of RNA
  • The Making of the Fittest (Vol. 1 & 2)
  • The Science of FAT
  • Viral Outbreak (The Science of Emerging Disease)



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