Our Mission

The STEM Outreach mission is to provide high quality, innovative after school program and outreach to students and educators of all levels.  Our programs mine and nurture 21st Century skills in science, technology, engineering, math, art, literature and music.  We seek to create “A-Ha!” moments, to spark the imagination, and to inspire today’s investigators to become tomorrow’s innovators.

STEM Outreach at a Glance

STEM Outreach served four afterschool programs, twenty-six scientifically connected communities (SC2), four Community Outreach and Engagements, and three summer camps.  In addition, SEMAA (Science, Engineering, Mathematics and Aerospace Academy) afterschool program was facilitated in twenty-six schools, Readers Theater in fifteen schools, Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) in ten schools, DiMA (Digital Media Academy) in twenty-one schools and COUNT (Creating Opportunities Using Numerical Thinking) in twenty-one schools.  In total, we served 4290 students in afterschool programs, 345 students through STEM Outreach Center, and 1000 teachers through Scientifically Connected Communities (SC2) teacher professional development programs and events in twenty-six school districts.  In 2015, STEM Outreach served twelve events: seven schools with field trips, four schools with Outreach events, and one school with Math and Science Nights.

Below is a chart that shows number of students STEM Outreach served through Afterschool programs in GISD and LCPS.

Capture 2


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