Our Mission

AppleThe STEM Outreach mission is to provide high quality, innovative after school program and outreach to students and educators of all levels.  Our programs mine and nurture 21st Century skills in science, technology, engineering, math, art, literature and music.  We seek to create “A-Ha!” moments, to spark the imagination, and to inspire today’s investigators to become tomorrow’s innovators.

At a Glance

STEM Outreach Center is an organization that provides out-of-school time programs from Kindergarten through eighth grade students throughout the Southern New Mexico area. We provide curriculum and educational resources to assist in the instruction of each out-of-school time program. Teacher professional development is also administered to all participating program instructors. Parent and Family outreach is provided through workshops and special events. Teaching Resources, field trips and STEM Outreach is also available upon request to all schools from the area. Spaceship



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